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Nonton Film Serial My Love, Enlighten Me (2020)


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Rating :
: 8.8/10 (112 votes)
Released :
Category : china, comedy, Drama China Taiwan, romance, tv serial
Trailer : My Love, Enlighten Me (2020)
Duration : 45 min
Director :
Staring : Eleanor Lee, Leon Leong, Tim Pei, Xiong Yu Ting
Tag :
Synopsys : A young, 22-year-old pop star hopeful named Nuan Nuan is forced to reinvent herself after the girl group she is a member of disbands before its debut. At first, she struggles in her search for a post-pop career, but fate intervenes, and she has a chance encounter with a man named Han Che. Han Che is also getting his career off to a slow start and works as a clerk in a clothing store. However, it soon turns out that he has a great head for sales, and soon becomes the star clerk at the store, and eventually wins promotion to the company’s head office. Han Che’s retail success story inspires Nuan Nuan, who has always had a keen eye for fashion. She begins to explore her love of clothes and resolves to become a designer – hoping to one day join Han Che at the clothing store’s headquarters. Although their relationship is often adversarial, Han Che and Nuan Nuan also have a growing fondness for one another, and try to help each other along the way. As their careers start to get off the ground, could love bloom here too?

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