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Nonton Film Serial You Make Me Dance (2021)


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Rating :
: 8.1/10 (205 votes)
Released :
Category : Drama Korea, korea, romance, tv serial
Trailer : You Make Me Dance (2021)
Duration : 14 min
Director : So Joon Moon
Staring : Chu Young Woo, Won Hyung Hoon
Tag :
Synopsys : Song Shi On is a university student who is majoring in contemporary dance. After a major row, he has been thrown out of the family home and is left with an emotional wound. He decides to pursue his ambition and ends up sharing a rooftop apartment with Jin Hong Seok. This cold but attentive man works as a debt collector for the lending firm Chachacha Capital and has abandoned his dream of becoming a pianist. As the duo forms a close bond, the affections of CEO Cha Sa Jang and the jealousy of senior student Jung Hun threaten to derail their fledgling love story.

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